Build Your Own Ethereum API with Infura and Compound

In this presentation, originally streamed May 21st 2020, Sean Brennan from Infura and Adam Bavosa from Compound will review the concepts and code required to build your own API to invoke Compound protocol smart contracts using conventional HTTP requests, using Infura as the bridge between the Ethereum network and your application. This livestream expands on Adam’s article “Create a Compound Smart Contract API With Infura” and will go into further detail.

We will guide you through using the combination of Javascript, Node.js, Express, web3.js and Infura; and you will learn with a code walkthrough based on the article.

What you'll learn from in this webinar:

  • The challenges and solutions to running Decentralized Finance Infrastructure
  • How to use JavaScript, Node.js, Express, web3.js and Infura to create a custom API
  • Why these languages and tools were used